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Becoming Your Why



Q.)     Tara, I read the testimonials of the women and men who've worked with you and everyone seems to have had such amazing transformations.  How can I get my own? What is it you do, exactly? How is what you do different from all of the many therapeutic methods I've already tried- and found lacking?  What is your speciality? -  Jelena

A.) Hi, Jelena. Yes, you're absolutely right, everyone who was kind enough to share their journey on the testimonial page have had amazing and quite specific transformations. Just like you, they have walked many different paths. It's not that those different methods haven't served you, Jelena. It’s more that you are too complex of an individual to have one singular process be fulfilling enough. But each step of your journey led you to the next level.  

When clients find me, it means they're usually ready for a very accelerated rate of growth. If you feel this might be you, keep reading.

You become the How

Think of me as your spiritual couturier working with the most exquisite material in the world- your truth. Every experience that formed you, your woundings, dreams, rejections, beliefs, traumas, successes and heartbreaks, all hold priceless value. Your truth becomes the foundation of the most stunning, one-of a-kind, transformation into your authentic self, realized and lived. What you really want is exposed in stunning clarity. It no longer needs to remain hidden and small in the name of safety.     

             You become the What

For many, this is first true experience of unconditional love. Experiencing this in itself can be transformative. It often moves beyond words. Jelena, you can see why no single method, system or template can give this to you. This process has to be as  specific to you as your DNA and your soul. 

 This is the ultimate experience of what I teach. This is my speciality. I serve your authentic wholeness, not a dogma, system or method. Your truth guides the transformation. I guide you to your truth.

You become the WHY

Stepping into your newly identified self can be the most courageous work you'll ever do. You'll remember the exact moment it happens. It will take focus and dedication, but it will be bring a powerful joy.  Oh, Jelena, once you decide this is what you want, in that instant, you become your own why. 

You realize that nothing outside of yourself can ever take it away, because you understand that nothing outside of yourself could have ever given it to you. It was already there waiting for the day that you became ready to claim it.