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Rachel - Photographer, NYC

Today I have a dream career and an abundant life filled with the most nurturing relationships because of my kick-ass communication, negotiation and life skills.

I owe my career, my life, my happiness, my conscious enlightenment (to whatever small degree), my compassion, the depth of my spirituality, and all the ways I help others, to Tara Shannon.

She has given me the tools to trust and follow my own guide within.  I now know peace and stillness in the midst of any challenge.

 Through the work we have done, and the time she has spent listening and guiding me through various business and human life lessons, I am able to better serve all my relationships.


Babette - CEO, West Palm Beach

The skills I learned from Tara enabled me to take my company to a level of financial success I'd never considered possible. I lead negotiations with new communication skills backed up by my own integrity. It is so empowering!  My entire life is influenced by these skills. I live with less stress because I know how to operate with honesty, grace and ease. You cannot imagine how much energy that creates, not operating from reaction and fear. I experience profound shifts in consciousness constantly. I really understand  how to respond to certain situations that used to baffle me.        Tara is a miracle worker. There are not enough words to describe her abilities... or to express my gratitude.

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Suzu -  Therapist, Phoenix

 Tara is the most focused and intuitive coach I have ever had. She taught me a method of seeing  beneath every problem to the solution already existing.  The skill was processing an awareness of my own integrity and truth. I use it as a way of staying balanced as a working mother of 5 children and maintaining a large client load.  I used to react with extreme stress because I felt as if everything was happening to me, so I was reacting as if I was under attack.  I don't react anymore, now I respond - with insight and a sense of humor. I see how everything is happening for me, not to me.I have a peaceful culture at home and in my organization that are both based in safety and generating trust. 

Tara Shannon is an asset to every organization and individual lucky enough to work with her.

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Ellie - Model, London 

 I have done so much work on myself - to move beyond a history of trauma and abuse. I have had therapy, hypnosis, and coaching from many great healers around the world, and they have all helped and I'm grateful.                        But what I have to say about Tara... is that what she has been teaching me is by far the most unique and transformative information that I have ever experienced.  The work we do together is for me, specifically. She meets me where I am and helps me see who is really there -a whole, deserving, clear and powerful woman capable of negotiating her worth with anyone. I get it now. Her work truly and absolutely transforms. She has shown me how to feel seen, heard, understood and absolutely safe. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Xoxo


Steve - Real Estate, Amsterdam NL

Tara Shannon's guidance has supplied me with new skills which I consistently use to deepen my understanding of how to function emotionally as a sober business owner. When I am confronted with business or personal issues, I reach out to the methods Tara taught me and as a result, I experience peace today rather than anxiety.

Tara's intuitive ability to shift the focus to the true issue and true solution enables me to function as a man who is present and intimate in all of his relationships.

She is a pillar of patience and conscientious honesty. Working with her has been a joy to me and I recommend Miss Shannon as your innovative coach.